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"The lines of the buildings like a music score, the reflections documenting our upside down stories. I am fascinated by this urban environment and how we interact with it. Memory, desire, nostalgia and circumstance become subject matter for exploration. Through my work I record our emotional connection to the spaces that surround us."

Kelly Allison's artistic inclination flourished during her design and architectural studies in Canada, the UK and Sweden. Originally from Vancouver, she has been living abroad for many years and today lives in Bordeaux, France. This diverse cultural exposure has shaped her perception of people and their emotional connection with the built environment. Kelly's paintings are predominantly urban, dynamic and full of colour. Retrospection and location unfold using acrylic, wine & ink as mediums. There is a sense of immediacy in her work, a direct translation of emotion onto the canvas, using the city’s lines and engravings to tell the story. The result lies somewhere between figurative and abstract, mimicking the mix of tangible and intangible realities.

She draws inspiration from architectural sketches, contemporary art and photography. Kelly sells her works worldwide.

«...où se déroulent nos histoires»

Originaire de Vancouver au Canada, cela fait plusieurs années que Kelly Allison réside à Bordeaux en France. La création a toujours occupé une place importante dans sa vie et cette orientation artistique s’est approfondie pendant ses études d'architecture et de design effectuées au Canada, en Angleterre et en Suède. Cette expérience culturelle diversifiée a façonné sa perception de l’homme et de son rapport émotionnel avec l'architecture urbaine qui l’entoure. Elle crée des fusions lumineuses d’acrylique, d’encre et de vin. Les gravures de la ville deviennent une histoire, chacune retraçant une émotion ou un souvenir.

Elle vend ses oeuvres en France et à l'étranger.